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Peater's Hoamat Holiday Cottage

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Summer Card

The Premium Card allows full access to the exciting Ötztal, with fantastic benefits for guests.

Exclusively for our guests.

Summer Card

biken oetztal

Bike & Cycle Oetztal

Our guests can enjoy excellent offers & services to cater to any biking needs during their holidays in the renowned Ötztal bike playground.

Bike & Cycle Ötztal

Landhaus Peaters Hoamat in Sölden

Peater's Hoamat

A true gem for all group-holidays: Up to 18 guests can enjoy this rustic Tyrolean country home for memorable holidays here in beautiful Sölden.

Information & Rates

Cottage "Im Grüne" in Sölden

Cottage "Im Grüne"

Rustic and unique with 220m² of luxurious living space, a traditional tiled fireplace, and the original farmer's parlour for memorable evenings spent together.

Information & Rates

Apart Holiday Sölden

Apart Holiday

Holidays were your ambitious hosts live. Find peace and relaxation in our Apart Holiday - garnished with Tyrolean style and chic - and just next to us - Your Ötztal valley hosts.

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Holiday Paradise Ötztal

Our Comfort Apartments & Cottages in Sölden offer:

  • peaceful location – close to mountains lifts, access to skiing- and hiking areas
  • fully-equipped holiday accommodation – cosy Tyrolean ambience
  • free wireless internet access
  • modern TV's with international digital television
  • free rentals: snow-shoes & hiking poles
  • parking space just in front of our house

Cottage "Im Grüne"

Cottage "Peaters Hoamat"

Apart Holiday